Think French:

Think Mime? Isn't it all a bit Marcel Marceau?
external image MarcelMarceau_1408278c.jpg

Think again – this mime company is simply outstanding and has performed at the Southbank Centre, at Le French May in Hong Kong and Paris International Circus Theatre Festival, amongst many others. And yes, there is an International Mime Festival!!!

Think classical music? Isn’t that a bit old fashioned? Not this guy – Chapelier Fou has a completely different take on classical instruments and how they should be played, using technology to enhance his music. Search for him on Youtube and you might even find some music you recognise from adverts.
Think French cinema? Isn't it all a bit behind the times? Have a look at this short film made in 2007 which was nominated and won numerous awards. Looks like the French can do computer animation just as well!