Scroll to the bottom of the page for vocab revision, practice questions for the oral exam and the Year 11 Revision Booklet.

Unit 1: Le Transport

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Unit 2: Les Vacances
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Unit 3: La Nouvelle Technologie et les Medias
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Unit 4: L'environnement
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Unit 5: Les issues sociaux
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Here is a spreadsheet with all of the vocabulary that you are expected to know in order to pass your French GCSE. Go through each tab and enter y or n in the "Have I learnt it" column. Then filter the column at the top to select only the "n". You will now have a list of vocabulary which you need to learn and can complete the translation. Remember, not all of this vocabulary will come up in the exam so prioritise the vocabulary which is more general. Don't attempt this in one go as it will overwhelm you - focus on one tab per week and then, after 14 weeks, undo the filter and start again, entering y or n in the "Have I learnt it" column. You should have a much shorter list this time! Pace yourselves and remember that the General Vocab is the longest list.

Practice questions for the oral exam - VOKI. Turn the volume down before you start playing them as they are set quite loud! NB: As of 2011, these questions are no longer used as we have changed to the new form of assessment. However, you could still use these to practice your responses, especially for the unpredictable question.

Here is the Revision Booklet for Year 11. You can work through this without my help as all of the listenings are on the internet but will obviously miss the interactive vocabulary exercises. If you’re already used to using this wiki you should have this covered anyway!