You will need to remember numbers for prices and telephone numbers, as well as other details, throughout the next few years. If you are having problems for anything 1-100 use this clip as a self study mini lesson to help.

You can try this site if there is a specific number that you are struggling to pronounce. Hover your mouse over the number and it will say it to you: it's best to keep repeating the sound after you have heard a good example.
Or click on this picture to revise numbers up to a million, and beyond!!!

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ7FrOY6-oWMGBEkEf5g9OpwJhqT6yRo_WuEKN_qte_Zr5Ckm6ghQ&t=1At the start of the year, we focus on dictionary skills and classroom vocabulary. If you are struggling with your dictionary skills, remember that you can use to look up new words quicker than using a real dictionary. It is laid out just like a dictionary, with all of the additional details you could need, like whether a word is masculine or feminine, and has extra features, like a conjugate button which shows you all the different endings you could use for a verb. This is a much better way of looking up new words than using a translator as it gives you all of the possible meanings and it also gives you example senteces - very useful if you are completing a writing homework.

Test your knowledge of classroom furniture to stop the lion eating the zebra.

Once we have finished the dictionary skills booklet, we will move on to other topics but you will need these skills for every topic. Click on your current topic below for some extra help with homework, games to help you learn vocabulary and exercises that explain some grammar points.

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Need to know how to ask questions?? Check out this presentation:

Unité 1: Les loisirs


Unité 2: La nourriture


Unité 3: La santé

Unité 4: Le shopping
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